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Getting The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Out There

Getting The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Out There
Getting The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Out There


Trying to find the best cheap gaming laptop out there can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. When you try to look online, you’re constantly assaulted by a barrage of images of the latest model, accompanied by promises that if you don’t buy this one right now, you’ll fall behind and your gaming experience will suffer. Well, I am here to tell you that that isn’t true. A gaming laptop is an investment, and good investments give more back than what you initially put in. So with the right attitude and the right know-how, you can find the best cheap gaming laptop for your needs.

The top of the line models, which frequently cost several thousand dollars, come with such novel features as a built in overclocking mode or a killer sound system with stereo speakers and a subwoofer. These features are great, but you don’t need them. Think about it- tens of millions of people play online games every day. Do you really think every single one of them is playing World of Warcraft on a five thousand dollar Alienware machine? Unlikely. Game developers know this, and so they try to craft their games to be available to the widest customer base possible without sacrificing too much in the graphics department. Imagine how much money they would lose if every single person who wanted to play their games had to purchase a whole new computer to do so. With this in mind, it’s time to refocus your ideas about what the best cheap gaming laptop should be. It should be able to handle your favorite games without lagging. It should have enough room on its hard drive to hold all of your game data. It should not be bogged down with extraneous software or hardware such as a webcam. It will probably not be lightweight. It will probably not last longer than an hour or two without being plugged in. This is what you’re looking for.

So how do you find it? My first suggestion is to consider a used or refurbished model. A used model doesn’t have to mean outdated or broken. If you can find someone like my parents, who thought they needed a nice laptop and then ended up never using it, you can actually find a pretty great deal by perusing the classifieds. Make sure you if you decide to buy a used model from anyone other than a certified resale store that you do your homework and try out the laptop extensively before buying. There are no guarantees when you buy from a peer, so minimize your risk. Resellers are a great option as well, as they usually vet their machines before putting them up for sale. One of the best deals you’ll come across is a display model, which is a laptop that was once used as part of a tech display in a store. They may have some minor scuffing or scratching, but they’ve essentially never been used. Certified resellers are a great place to look for display models. You could also sign up for discounts with different tech stores and websites to be notified when they’re unloading display or discontinued models for cheap.

When searching for the best cheap gaming laptop, I highly recommend you look at refurbished models. Refurbished laptops are the Cadillacs of used machines. Manufacturers take recycled or discontinued models, refit them with new hardware, and sell them for hundreds of dollars less than their new models. Everybody wins! Go straight to the company website or store for this one. Some manufacturers have a refurbished section on their website, while others require a phone call. Either way it’s a good idea to call, because oftentimes customer service representatives can get you steeper discounts than you can find over the Internet.

How to Find The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop?

When all else fails, you can build a gaming laptop yourself. In the old days (as in, when my stepdad first introduced me to Daggerfall old days) you had to have a pretty considerable background in electronics to build your own machine. Then, the Internet happened. Now you have access to all kinds of tutorials, step by step guidebooks with pictures, and forums where you can ask the experts about even the minutest of issues and expect a prompt and personalized response. Building your own machine might be the best way to get your gaming laptop because you can spread the burden of cost over time. With one paycheck you buy the processor, then the next week you upgrade the GPU, and so on and so forth. If you have an older conventional laptop you’ve been meaning to sell, then all the better. You can scavenge some of the more basic parts from that machine in order to make the best cheap gaming laptop for substantially less cost. Take a look at Best  progamming  Laptop  for more information on cheap laptops

Finding the best cheap gaming laptop available will require you to use all of the tools in your arsenal. You will need to research specs online, talk to your fellow gamers in person and on forums. You will need to discuss options with different manufacturers, and see if you can’t sway a savvy customer service agent to manipulate deals in your favor. You may need to exercise patience in waiting for the right deal to come along. More than anything, you will need to have a very strong idea of what you do and don’t need in a gaming laptop. Having a plan, especially one that you have written down, will help you from being influenced by hot deals or must-have features when it is time to make a decision. This holds true whether you are purchasing a machine or building one. The main advantage to building your own laptop is that you get to pick and choose the best components, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get carried away. Having a plan means you stay true to your goal; getting the best cheap gaming laptop for you. If you like this article, you can also read Lists of top keyboards for programming


  1. Hi! Thanks for all of this information! I’m interested in buying a laptop that I can use for basic tasks and statistical analysis- i.e. something that will allow me to work easily with large data sets and run programs like R and SAS. Do you have any recommendations for this? I don’t know much about the hardware, and the main general tip I have heard is that I should get a SSD, but I’m not sure what else to really optimize on. I’m also interested in finding a laptop with a matte screen-if they make these at all anymore? I tend to get migraines from the glare on the screen and really liked the matte screen on an old mac laptop I used to have. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello and great article, I recently upgraded from a potato to the Dell Gaming Laptop you have been asked about a few times (Inspiron 15 7559, I5-6300HQ, GTX 960m, 256 GB SSD). My question is that in game recommended settings and optimized settings through the GeForce Experience app is giving me two different set of settings, who to trust if I want to keep consistent 60 fps in Legion content and raids?

  3. My Gigabyte p34gv2 has been a perfect fit for me. The battery runs out quick if I am doing heavy gaming off battery vs AC, but otherwise runs everything on Ultra settings and I’m not usually far from power when I need it. Its obviously not future proof as a desktop would be, but my investment has matched what I have gotten out of it so far. As an enterprise user its nice to have a faster laptop than most company desktops. The size is what really captured me to purchase the p34gv2, its tiny compared to similarly specc’ed tech out there. But as for any purchase of emerging technology give it a month and the price drops considerably.

  4. Do you guys think we’ll see laptops like this with 2K+ displays? I own a retina MacBook Pro so I guess you guys could say I’m In the wrong part of town haha but I recently ran some games on it at full 2880×1800 resolution at very high quality. It was simply beautiful…Although I wish Apple would offer an option for a GTX 770M at minimum but the GT 650M is surprisingly good. Its sort of like a Ford F150 doing more than the typical F150 user does but certainly not out of its game. Im not a big gamer, I use this thing for video editing but I simply can’t imagine going back to anything less than 2K on a laptop…Especially on a 17?, I’d think for 17? you’d want 2.5K or so and with a GTX 780M with 3GB of GDDR5 memory I think it could drive the pixels.

  5. I was wondering if you know any computers good for recording games for YouTube such as minecraft garys mod a few steam games GTA just cause, etc. well my budget is kinda under 600 spanish euros. ?? thanks

  6. Getting the best experience out of your gaming setup is a must. With that in mind, here’s our guide to the best hardware for PS4, PC, Xbox One and beyond.

  7. Looking forward to your review of gaming laptop. If your review is still in progress, can you please investigate an issue I’ve read about the hard drive really slowing down the laptop while doing basic tasks such as copying files (on the non SSD version).


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