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Happy Birthday to Al-Hassan (HaXxY), CEO of (30th June 2018)

Happy Birthday to Al-Hassan (HaXxY), CEO of (30th June 2018)

Another year has downed in this human endeavor my hopes, dreams, and aspirations remain as clear as ever blockades, obstacles, and barriers are many but the true leader in me must not succumb to any in this journey, i have come a long way but the way before me is still very long.

I pray that my self-belief will help me to overcome all the challenges that comes my way in this new and exciting chapter of life.


I’m joining the entire HaxxyLoaded Team to say a Very Loud Happy Birthday to myself. May God continue to bless me even beyond my expectations, Amin

You can Reach me on Social Media;

Facebook: Mustapha Hassan
Instagram: @HaxxyLoaded
Twitter: @HaxxyMr

See More of his photos below;

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  1. I pray may you days be long, your money be long
    When its time to face your fears may you be strong
    May you never dwell in failure when you do something wrong
    May you never lack the wisdom to multiply and sustain all that you work and pray for

    Happy birthday


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