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How To Play Demon’s Souls Or Any PS3 Game On PC

How To Play Demon’s Souls Or Any PS3 Game On PC

Want to play Demon’s Souls or any* PS3 game on PC? Here is a guide for using RPCS3, the PS3 Emulator.

Howdy! RPCS3 is a PS3 Emulator that you can use to play playable* PS3 games. I have played Demon’s Souls with 30 FPS on the dot with RPCS3 and today, I will guide you on where to get it, the necessary downloads, and finally the settings I used to get my framerate.

1: Download RPCS3 and place it in a folder somewhere. You will be using it’s executable to start it up, so put it anywhere. Add it to Steam, or just add it to your taskbar.

2: Download the PS3’s Official Software and place it anywhere. You will only activate it once inside RPCS3.

3: Next, you will have to dump the game you want to play. This is a long process and definitely in the part where the best step is to look at a detailed guide for it. I’m sure has tutorials there (as well as the ISO’s download as long as you own the disc and have it with you, I’m sure it’s a-okay). Place the ISO in a folder somewhere, if it comes in packs, i.e. DeS1, DeS2, extract all zips to one folder, then highlight all of them and press extract here with 7zip. Just like with step 2, you will only have to activate it once.

4: Now, start up RPCS3, click File, then click Install Firmware. Double click on the PS3 Official Software you downloaded.

2. (Mini-step-process) Go back to the main menu and click on Configuration, then CPU. Make your CPU section look like mine.

2. Go to the GPU tab and make it look like mine again.

3. Next tab, Audio, XAudio2 for Audio Out, and checkmark Downmix to Stereo.

4. Next tab, I/O, change Controller Handler to the controller you have (XBox is Xinput, PS is Dualshock.)

5. Next tab, system, change it to English.

6. Go to the last tab and checkmark the third box, start games in fullscreen mode.

5: Now that all of that is out of the way, go back to the main menu and click on File, Boot Game. Click on the main folder for the game, i.e. Demon’s Souls – [BLUS30443], and select it at the bottom right. Now RPCS3 will take awhile to make sure everything is up and working, but once it is done, it should either auto-start the game or all you have to do it double-click it on the main menu once the prompts are all cleared.

And that’s it! The game should start and you should be playin’ like nothin’! Now since the emulator isn’t perfect, there is no guarantee you will have perfect performance. These settings were the ones I found which worked perfectly for me and with my build (check flair). Since it IS emulation, a better CPU is always needed for emulators as it will most likely increase performance. If you have any questions, ask me!


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